I’m a start-up

Starting up a new business can be just as exciting as it can be scary and daunting. Here at JSP Accountants, we get excited about new businesses. We understand that often when you start a new business, you are following your dream, so the last thing you want is to be worrying about little bit pf paperwork involved in the process.

“Should I trade through a limited company?”
“Should I be VAT registered?”
“Do I have to have my new company’s registered office at home?”
“Who do I have to register my new business with?”
“Do I need a separate business bank account?”

These are just a handful of the many questions that will be going through your mind.

Everyone’s business and personal circumstances are different and what’s right for one may be not be suitable for someone else, so you need impartial advice on what’s right for you and your new business.

Why not arrange a free initial no-obligation consultation to come and talk to us but your new business and help you decide what’s right for you?

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